March 27 – 31, 2017

Please Note:Spring Break April 3-7,2017-No School

Essential Question: Is the U.S. Constitution ethical in its guidelines of Americans’ ability to pursue life, liberty, and happiness ?

Essential Question:  What are the rights and controls in the U.S. and Washington state for gun ownership?

Day 1

  1. Gun Control DBQ, gun-control-dbq-docs-and-stud-ws

Day 2

  1. Current Events
  2. Review Overview of the Constitution Handout (assessment notes), constitution-overview
    1. 3 main parts
    2. How a bill becomes a law
    3. Electoral College Process
    4. Articles 3 – 7
    5. Amendments
  3. Finish Gun Control DBQ – Prep for Philosophical Chair on Day 3

Day 3

  1. Current Events
  2. Philosophical Chair:  Do you support gun control or gun rights? or both?, philosophical-chair-discussion-steps

Essential Question:  How does the ethics of the U.S. Constitution govern the everyday lives of each individual?

Day 4

  1. Application of the Constitution Assessment – Open Note & Partner, 
  2. Turn in Intro. to Constitution Handout with assessment.


March 20 – 24, 2017

Please Note: Altered schedule due to testing.

Mon – 6 periods,  Tues. – 6 periods, Wed. – X, Thurs. – Y, Fri. – Z

Essential Questions:  What is the purpose of the Constitution? What is the structure of the Constitution, the 3 main parts?

Day 1

  1. Constitution Overview, citizenship-quiz , constitution-overview
  2. Using the Constitution overview handout, on notebook paper create a Brace Map that shows the main parts of the  Constitution,brace-map-of-the-constitution Staple Brace Map to Quiz and Constitution overview outline & turn in

Essential Question:  How does the Constitution provide for the common good and individual rights?

Day 2

  1. Overview of the Constitution –  Students divide into 7 groups and carousel through the 7  Constitution Overview Infographic chart stations (approx. 10 mins. each station)  to complete Introduction Notes, infographic-constitution-o-v-questions

Day 3

  1. Continue & complete carousel through Constitution Overview Infographic Chart Stations – After visiting stations, students can look up missing answers in U.S. History textbook, pgs. 154 – 173.  Keep Overview handout – Will have a test over information next week.

Day 4

Which Way Are You Leaning?  Essay is due today by 3:30 p.m.    

Attach together and turn in at the same time – “2 Political Philosophy Surveys”  & “Who Decides?” packet

Which Way Are You Leaning Essay = 40 pts.,

Surveys = 10 pts. + Who Decides? = 30 pts  +  poster = 10 pts. = 50 pts.

Essential Questions:  How does a bill become a law in the federal government? What are the requirements to be president of the United States?  How does the electoral college process work?

  1. Bill to Law practice, how-a-bill-becomes-a-law
  2. PPT Notes:  How to Become President, how-to-become-president-stud-questions-for-pptnotes , become-president-of-the-united-statesppt
  3. ICivics Reading:  Electoral Process, 2-electoral-college-classroom-materials_0   Attach all papers together and turn in.

March 13 – 17, 2017


Essential Question: How do ethics determine the laws created by a society?  What is a slippery slope & how could it impact legal decisions?

Day 1

  1. Ethical Decision making Group Scenario debrief,group-scenario-debrief
  2. Political Philosophy Surveys, pol-philosophy-surveys

Day 2

  1. Current Events
  2. Student Packet Who Decides?, who-decides-student-packet , who-decides-readings (cloning) (designer) euthan

Day 3

  1. Groups create a poster sharing ethical decisions on topics in “Who Decides”, who-decides-poster-instructions

Day 4

  1. Carousel “Who Decides” Posters
  2. Homework Assignmentdue Friday, March 24 by 3:30 p.m. Unit Assessment of Understanding Essay – “Which Way Are You Leaning?” essay.  With Essay Turn In- Political Philosophy Surveys, and Who Decides? packet


March 6-10, 2017

Please Note:  Special Schedule this week:

Mon – X, Tues-Y, Wed-Z, Thurs-X, Fri-Early Release 11:15 a.m.- Periods 3,6

Please Note #2:  Beginning Monday, March 6, 2017, all students 18+ years of age desiring to excuse their absences from class with their own signatured notes or phone calls, must turn in a form signed by a parent or guardian agreeing that their student can do so.  All Student Note or Student Call absences will be considered “Unexcused” and subject to a loss of points on assignments for the day of absence, until the agreement form has been received. ( Points can be restored with receipt of the agreement  form), parentagreestudentexcusedabs

Essential Question:  What is civil disobedience and how can it be used to bring about change in a society?

Day 1

    1. Current Events
    2. Continue viewing Selma, begun on Day 3 of last week

Essential Question: How do ethics determine the laws created by a society? What is your litmus test?

Day 2

  1. Current Events
  2. Finish and turn in Video Notes, Selma

Day 3

    1. Ethical decision making Group Scenarios,Ethical Scenario task


February 27 – March 3, 2017

Essential Question:  What is marketplace of ideas and counterspeech?

Day 1

  1. Marketplace Project – Mountain House Computer Lab, essay-final-project-rubric,artistic-final-project-rubric

Tuesday, Feb. 28th = No School-Snow Day

See Special Schedule each day for the rest of the week.

Day 2 (X Day)

  1. Current Events
  2. Marketplace Project due by 3:30 – Mountain House Computer Lab

Day 3 (Y Day)

  1. Begin viewing the video “Selma” and answering questions about the video, selma-video-notes

Day 4 (Z Day)

  1. Continue viewing the video “Selma” begun on Day 3


Feb. 20 – 24, 2017

Please Note Monday is President’s Day = No School

Essential Question:  What is marketplace of ideas and counterspeech?

Day 1

    1. Current Events
    2. Continue Carousel to Stations begun on Day 4 of last week.


Day 2

  1. Current Events (turn in)
  2. Finish Carousel final station
  3. Marketplace Project – Mountain House Computer Lab                                        Due by 3:30 Wed., March 1startistic-final-project-rubric , essay-final-project-rubric

Day 3

  1. Marketplace Project – Mountain House Computer Lab




Feb. 13 – 17, 2017

Day 1

Essential Question:  What is Ethical Decision Making and how does it apply to the concept of the “Marketplace of Ideas”?

  1. Finish Reading , analyzing, and answering  questions about the article:  KKK vs. Kansas City, Freedom of Speech KKK article InOurDefense extra-adapted following the Close  Reading Steps, Close Reading Steps

Day 2

Essential Question:How does the “Marketplace of Ideas” and “Counterspeech positively and negatively impact the decisions made by a country?

  1. Current Events
  2. Document Sort,Primary Source Doc Sort Student
  3. Photo Analysis, Steps to Analysis of Visual Document,Photo Analysis political cartoon

Day 3

  1. Current Events – Turned In 
  2. Choose Groups for Marketplace of Ideas carousel
  3. Discuss Marketplace Project & Carousel Station exercise, marketplace-carousel-stations-worksheet
  4. Begin with first carousel station, Station # materialwhole-group-station-videos , 1 Marketplace of and cartoons, 2 Text of the 1st amendment – on the worksheet, .3 Supreme Court Cases Every Teen Should Know ppt format,  4 ACLU Pamphlet,  5 The Ku Klux Klan in Bellingham 1900 Mayers adapted

Day 4

  1. Continue Carousel begun on Day 3, until each group has visited all 5 stations


Please Note:  This is the first week of 2nd semester

Day 1

  1. If you could change any law,what would it be, how would you change it and why?
  2. Syllabus…Signature page returned by Friday February 3, 2017 for 30 pts.winsprg2017-syllabus

Essential Learning:  To what degree should government limit individual rights for the benefit of the common good?

Day 2

  1. Current Events, Current Events Summary Worksheet
  2. Lessons on Being Human
  3. Hate Speech Photo Carousel
  4. Debrief

Essential Question:  What is Ethical Decision Making and how does it apply to the “Marketplace of Ideas”?

Day 3

  1. Current Events
  2. Freedom of Speech Vocabulary,  Free of Speech Vocab Chart ,  Free of Speech Vocab Dictionary Definition
  3. Define “Ethical Decision making”, Ethical Decision Definition Diagram

Day 4

  1. View videos about the KKK in the United States, Background Info. Videos of KKK
  2. Read, analyze, and answer questions about the article:  KKK vs. Kansas City, Freedom of Speech KKK article InOurDefense extra-adapted following the Close  Reading Steps, Close Reading Steps

January 23 – 27, 2017

Please Note:  Friday is Teacher Work Day = No School

Day 1 (6 periods)

  1. Current Events  (turn in)
  2. Mock Plea Bargain

Day 2 (6 periods)

  1. Finish Plea Bargain
  2. Plan Senior Send Off

Day 3

Final Exams  Wed = 1,3,5                   Thurs = 2,4,6

Below is the time schedule for the final exams on January 25 & 26

Open 7:45 – 8:15    During the Open Period & Break students will meet with their     teachers or use individual study time.
Period 1/2 8:20 – 9:55
Break 9:55 – 10:15
Period 3/4 10:20 – 11:55
Lunch 11:55 – 12:35
Period 5/6 12:40 – 2:15